Come enjoy R-Club's daily specials R-Club of Lansing has a table ready for you Cranberry Chicken Salad "R" Friends are "R" Family R-Club Carrot Cake Grilled Salmon Dinner

Rare is the restaurant that can combine family dining comfort, a spacious outdoor patio, live music and a prime location!

The R-Club of Lansing, is that rare exception. From a full menu at one of the best restaurants in the Lansing area, to a night club with live musicians, you can expect to have a wonderful time!

We are open for lunches and dinners, and have ample seating for larger groups.

And, when it’s time to kick back and enjoy the night life…sample our wide variety of drinks and drafts! The R-Club patron knows what they want, and know how to have a good time.

For homemade food, casual family dining, and a true Saturday night life…it’s not rare to find it at the R-Club.


 October 2014
September 29, 2014x


  • Happy healthy September to each of you and your families!! I was on my way to Oregon at the beginning of August, guess I kinda forgot about the news letter and this one is a little late too,whoopsie! My new my motto is, better late than never but never late is better!! So hard to Continue Reading...
  • Happy Healthy July To You and Your Families

    Seems like yesterday DaveO got out of school and now it’s July.  Was happy I asked him to go to Cedar Point and he wanted to go with me. So the kids and I cruised down for the day and I am proud to say My first ride was the Dragster front seat. Call me Continue Reading...